FCS General Assemblies

Every year the FCS organise a General Assembly and Conference with visits to farming estates hosted by one of our member countries.

It is the perfect occasion to meet, exchange and share experiences with other rural landowners and entrepreneurs from all of Europe as well as members from the United States, Russia and Brazil. 

During the assembly, the ELO presents the policy positions promoted to European Union decision makers. Distinguished speakers also give an insight to new developments in the rural world.  

National Branches’ activities

Every year, Friends of the Countryside organises specific national activities in European countries and invites its members in the field to promote actions and publications and to increase the European family business network.


Upcoming 24th GA:

3-6 June 2021 – Córdoba (Spain)

Information about the GA in Córdoba can be viewed at

Previous General Assemblies:

24 June 2020 – Online

The brochure for the Online GA can be found on the Publications page

13-16 June 2019 – Angers (France)

The brochure for the Angers GA can be found on the Publications page

And on the website :

10-13 May 2018 – Konstanz (Germany)

The brochure for the Konstanz GA can be found on the Publications page

1-4 June 2017 – Hex (Belgium)

26-29 May 2016 – Wolfsburg (Germany)

The brochure for the Wolfsburg GA can be found on the Publications page

21-23 May 2015  – Newmarket (United Kingdom)

The brochure for the Newmarket GA can be found on the Publications page

5-7 June 2014 – Udine (Italy)

The brochure for the Udine GA can be found on the Publications page

24-25 May 2013 – Toledo (Spain)

8-9 June 2012 – Vilnius (Lithuania)

27-28 May 2011 – Vienna (Austria)

28-29 May 2010 – Apeldoorn (The Netherlands)

28-29 June 2009 – Prague (Czech Republic)

16-17 May 2008 – Edinburgh (Scotland)

15-16 June 2007 – Evora (Portugal)

6-8 July 2006 – Helsinki (Finland)

15-18 September 2005 – Avignon (France)

20-23 May 2004 – Cork (Ireland)

April 2003 Syracuse, Sicily (Italy)

3-6 April 2002 – Sevilla (Spain)

27-29 September 2001 – Dresden (Germany)

28-29 July 2000 – Blenheim (United Kingdom)

4-5 September 1999 – Skane (Sweden)

5-6 October 1998 – Firenze (Italy)

For more information about the upcoming GA, please contact 

Jehanne de Dorlodot at [email protected]