The Friends of the Countryside

The Friends of the Countryside is a non-profit making organisation consisting of a network of like minded private landowners,
rural managers and entrepreneurs from 27 countries stretching from the Rockies & Andes to the Carpathians.
By means of innovative, regenerative and sustainable practices, this network promotes the long term interests of their land. Through the  platform of the European Landowners’ Organisation, the FCS are able to ensure that their voice is heard throughout the European Union and well beyond.


The Friends of the Countryside and the European Landowners’ Organisation stand in solidarity with our Ukrainian colleagues and citizens.  Property rights, collaboration, dialogue & freedom are ELO’s most prominent values. 


The Pre Tour will take place from May 26 to May 30, 2024 and will begin in Florence and end in Siena.                                                        

Details of our last GA are still available on the POZNAN website or you can head to the Trusted Members Area (top right).


  Current Events

The May – June issue no. 205 of the CountrySide Magazine is out. You are invited to read it by clicking on the Publications page.

Since 2014, the European Bee Award is committed to find common solutions for the benefit of biodiversity by rewarding projects protecting pollinators.

The European Bee Award is open to farmers, landowners, research institutes, academia, and private & public organisations who develop outstanding and innovative projects aiming to protect bees and other pollinators and thus helping to preserve biodiversity. 

*Apply here by September 8*

All Ready & AE4EU Final Conference September 27, 2023 in Brussels
The one-day conference will shed light on how the two projects paved the way for a European Network of Living Labs and Research Infrastructures. Both projects will feature stories from the field, pilot networks, and local stakeholders. Experiences from involved Living Labs and Research Infrastructures will give practical insights.

Through a series of panel discussions, the event will explore how Living Labs and Research Infrastructures can support the agroecology transition. How can Agroecology Living Labs and Research Infrastructures translate theory into practice? This and related questions will be at the forefront of participatory discussions to understand lessons learned from three years of project work. 

The closing session will focus on how regions can best support Living Labs and Research Infrastructures to drive the agroecology and urban transitions. The role of the Common Agriculture Policy network, local authorities, and the future European partnership “Accelerating farming systems transition: agroecology living labs and research infrastructures” will be given prime consideration. Join us to meet partners and stakeholders from all across Europe and get to know their work on the field towards the agroecology transition!

The ELO has launched the “Women for the Future of Agriculture” during the month of March to celebrate all women that are operative within the Agriculture sector. 
Each day the ELO will post a story from a woman, to share her story and learn about her challenges within the sector. 
4 FCS members took part! Galina Peycheva-Miteva, Norma Hoagland, Felicitas von Carlowitz and Stephanie Gigot.
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ELO website (overview of all articles): Click here!

Dear Friends,

We had a highly successful ForumforAg with over 800 participants in the hall and as many on line. If you missed any of the discussion or would like to see parts again, you can watch the recordings here

The ForumforAg Solutions Week Events, takes place online from 25-27 of April, where we are able to further develop the themes of the conference and the Call to Action, and also discuss some further areas of interest! 

We are pleased to announce that registrations are now open and further details please click here.

The ELO Activity Report for **2022** 
For all the news on ELO Policies, Projects, Awards, Events and the ELO family, please click here to access the online Flipbook version.

We are pleased to present the study that we produced in association with the François Sommer Foundation, OFB and AGPB in both English and French. Please click on the image to download it.

This work aims to serve as a scientific basis for the adoption of measures favorable to biodiversity within the framework of the reform of the CAP.

In order to see such measures adopted by the agricultural world, (& hence the involvement of the AGPB in the writing of the book) various sessions will be held including the Biodiversity summit.

We invite you to distribute this study widely to whom it may concern.

Hardback copies are available on order for 25€ +p&p. Please email events(at)

A comprehensive Power Point Presentation of the activities to support landowners by the European Landowners’ Organisation from the ELO General Assembly in Paris in December 2021. Please click here to view it

       November 9 2022 : NEW ENTRY!                   Details of a book written by FCS member Iñigo Alvaro de Toledo : The Great Climate Regenation (in Italian)

 If you have information to share, please write to events[@]

Welcoming Estates Website: Countryside estates open to the public for private events, countryside getaways with a historic touch, countryside produce, sports, restaurants, picnics and so much more…

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