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Previous Events


ELO article in the French Hunting & Nature magazine!

The Magazine du Club has published a 3 page article written by Thierry de l’Escaille about the ELO, FCS and Wildlife Estates and more (in French). Please click on the lower image for access.

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YFCS Webinars

To access the successful YFCS webinar on Brexit attended by many FCS members and an article written by our expert Michael Sayer, please login to the Members section top right.

The next YFCS webinar is planned for this June. For more information, please contact alberto.hermosel(@)

Our Secretary General presents a short video on why FFA2021 matters.

Do please check out the programme, register, attend and participate in the 3 week long forum!




The winner of the EUROPEAN TREE OF THE YEAR 2021 has been announced! Click on the image to watch this wonderful video with an introduction by our CEO Thierry de l’Escaille and a story about the 14 finalists. The winner is announced at the end!

Thank you for voting!

YFCS announces the launching of the 2021 FAMIGRO AWARD.
Would you know of any young (under 40!) rural entrepreneurs who contribute to the evolution of our rural countryside in a social responsible and sustainable manner? For details on how to apply, please click here

Following the EPG’s discussion on the strict protection target of the EU 2030 Biodiversity Strategy, here is a new version of the ELO position paper. Strict protection. ELO Position. 29.01.2021

Please contact [email protected] for any questions or remarks.

Land and Soil Management Award 2020/21. Applications are now closed.

Thank you to all those who applied!

Soil Award : For good agriculture and environmental conditions.

Please go to the Soil Award page for further details by clicking here.


Voting has begun for the European Tree of the Year! (Feb 1-28) Choose the tree that you believe has the most interesting story by clicking here 
InnoForESt, sustainable supply and payment mechanisms for forest ecosystem services, announces that 6 policy briefs generated from the D6.3 report are now available on the project website

Innovation Conference: What role will and should agri-technologies play in the delivering of the F2F strategy?

Online: Feb. 23 at 3.30pm CET.


FCS member and President of Familienbetriebe Land und Forst e.V. Max von Elverfeldt raises his concerns about the Green Deal and makes a plea…..

Please click here to watch the short video (in German, with English subtitles)

A new programme on (in French) that highlights the pleasures and diversification of nature in the countryside. Click on the link for a taste.

EU Biodiversity Conference 2020 – Farming up Biodiversity. To access the recording, please click here

To discover the winners of the Bee Award, please go to this page on the FCS website

Apex-Brazil and the European Landowners Organization invite you to join the dialogue inspired by the Farm to Fork Strategy on Monday, 23 November, 2PM.   WATCH THE REPLAY HERE!

Click here for more information.

Ed Barnston from Barnston Estates visited many Friends’ estates for his Nuffield thesis on Benchmarking Success. 

FFA Regional Online no 2

Rewarding Sustainability in the Food System. Was live on October 26, 2020

Please find here our publication of our Databank of Offers and Demands of Traineeships and Employment on Countryside Estates

We hope you enjoyed the AGOFSY Final Conference. Please send your questions, comments and feedback to[@]

We hope you enjoyed the InnoForESt Final Conference. Please send your questions, comments and feedback to[@]

We hope you enjoyed the AGOFSY Final Conference. Please send your questions, comments and feedback to[@]

What to expect from the next EU Forest Strategy?

To replay the online event of the “biodiversity, hunting, countryside intergroup, please press here


European Bee Award 2020

Applications are now closed. Watch this space for information about the Award Ceremony at the EP in Brussels this December

FFA Regional Online no 1

To watch the replay, please click on the photo

FCS UK February 2020  

FCS President Michael zu Salm-Salm, CEO Thierry de l’Escaille, Vice Presidents Ross Murray and Seger von Voorst tot…. 

Voorst along with many UK FCS members joined in London on February 13 at the CLA offices to assure the continuation of Friendship across the Channel. To read further, please click here.




FFA 2019 FCS Lunch.

It was wonderful to see so many Friends at FFA 2019!  “I hope that tomorrow morning you will ask yourself what is possible in your life to make the transition real. You owe it to the #TheNextGenerationChange is difficult, change is scary, but change is also vital” @JanezPotocnik22