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The Friends of the Countryside (FCS) represent the custodians of European estates and the traditional industries, patrimony, and heritage in their stewardship. These landowners, entrepreneurs and decision makers which compose FCS, create a network of like-minded individuals united to promote the interests of their land and livelihood through innovative and sustainable practices. Through the platform of the ELO, Friends of the Countryside are able to ensure that their voice is heard throughout the European Union and beyond.


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ELO are partners in an Erasmus project COFARM - Enhancing cooperation between rural entrepreneurs which will be coming to an end. 
The final conference will be held at Residence Palace on the 24th April at 2pm, and we would like to extend a welcome to you. 
Cooperation amongst rural entrepreneurs, rural landowners and farmers has a wide range of mutual benefits, and this Erasmus+ project aims at providing these actors with the skills and knowledge to cooperate more effectively and in innovative ways.
The project consortium have created training modules which cover all the fundamentals of farmer to farmer cooperation: from initiating cooperation, to managing expectations, as well as planning exit strategies for a smooth ceasing of operation. The training system will be accessible and relevant for learners. It is fully compatible with desktop, tablet and mobile devices and will be free of charge. You can find more information on the project website .
During the conference, we will hear about the outcome of the project, as well as guest speakers from other European funded projects. It will be followed by some refreshments and networking.
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Friends of the Countryside represents the custodians of European estates and the traditional industries, patrimony, and heritage in their stewardship.



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